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A wedding is a big celebration for any woman. The bride is all decked up on this occasion. Friends and family of the bride often help her look her best. Almost in all types of wedding regardless of religion, wedding comprises of a lot of pre-wedding and post wedding rituals. And majority of the wedding customs are associated with brides. Eventually, a Bangladeshi marriage is not an exception and it has a lot of colorful rituals and exciting ceremonies involving the Bangladeshi bride. 

Pre-wedding celebrations of a Bangladeshi marriage include a series of rituals which are performed to make the bride look extra special on her big day. In the Haldi and oil ceremony,Michael Kors Bags on sale, she is smeared in oil and later with sandal wood paste so that her skin gets a flaw-less glow! Gaye Hould ceremony involves applying the turmeric paste on the bride, which gives a charismatic appeal on the bride with exquisite shine.
Bangladeshi women are extremely beautiful with their distinct eyes and long black hair. Bangladeshi bride depicts their own grace and allure,Michael Kors Hot Sale 1309 Hamilton Tote Ostrich Pattern Gray. Red for long has been considered as an auspicious color. So it naturally occupies a central position in any festive occasions. The rich and vibrant red color forms major part of their tradition and love to adorn them with red on their big day.
The big red bindi of a Bangladeshi bride set them apart in a crowd. Bangladeshi brides are often decked up in rich shades of red. Bridal attire is matched with embellishing traditional jewelry. The bride?s hair is tied up in a bun and covered with a veil. The fore-head is then emphasized with an ornately decorated mukut,Tote Red and Pink Graceful Michael Kors 2409. Bridal make-up includes artistically painted designs of the mukut on the bride?s forehead,Zip Top Convertible Shoulder Bags Vanilla Graceful Michael Kors 2588.
The Bangladeshi bride chooses a richly embroidered red silk saree. Rich and affluent families buy the expensive wedding attire for bride embellished with sparkling stones. Bangladeshi bride look extremely elegant when draped in the vibrant and rich saree. In the end, the Bangladeshi bride looks lavishing in an exquisite red saree. Saree?s are replaced by lehengas and Kakra Cholis, yet the preference of bridal wear in red remains unchanged in a Bangladeshi marriage.
Bangladeshi brides indulge in wearing tempting make-up on their wedding day. Alta is one of their make-up essentials used by the Bangladeshi women. A generous amount of alta is applied on the bride?s hands and feet; usually in different patterns,Michael Kors Sale. Lip color and rouge also are in varying shades of red.
Apart from make-up, Bangladeshi brides also like splurging on ornaments. The adorning rich and vibrant wedding attire is again embellished with beautiful ornaments. Matching ear-rings, maang-tika, necklaces and nose-rings are part of the traditional bridal attire. Family heirlooms like antique ear-rings or maang tikas are also worn by the bride to keep up the family sentiment. The Bangladeshi bride?s are also gifted with ancestral jewelry from the groom?s family,Hamilton Woven Satchel Mocha Graceful Michael Kors 2505. It generally covers the bangles made of precious stones and necklaces. The bangles worn by the Bangladeshi bride are commonly called nowa, ruli etc.
Popularly, gold is the preferred metal. Even though affluent families prefer adorning the bride with expensive ornaments made of platinum, titanium, etc gold has its preference on a Bangladeshi marriage. Majority of the bride?s ornaments are made of gold. Lately, brides prefer wearing the designer jewelry matching with the design of their wedding attire. Jewelry includes designs include beautiful peacocks, traditional motifs, butterflies, birds, flowers and other nature or culture inspired pieces.
For the wedding, the bride?s hair is tied up in an elegant bun at the nape of her neck and then covered with a delicate red veil. It is also decorated with fresh flowers and artificial flowers. An important part of the head gear for the bride is the mukut. It is usually white in color and is adorned with silver cut patterns. The mukut almost resembles a crown and gives the Bangladeshi bride a regal, princess like appearance.
Various hues of red dominate her wedding look. Along with the traditional garments and jewelry, the final touch to complete her look is the flower garland. The flower garland is later exchanged during the ceremony with her fianc?. Marriage is a big step in any woman?s life and the Bangladeshi bride ensures that she enters it in style blended with the rich values of a traditional Bangladeshi marriage.

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