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> Report: Redskins tight end Fred Davis gets some experience from last year’s four-game suspension
сообщение 23.11.2012, 16:14
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If a guy send you an e-mail on a night-time photo of Fred Davis “getting high,” showing the Redskins tight end with a lit cigarette of some kind outside a party last May in Falls Church, what are you thinking about at the first time? Surprised or doubted or anything else? ? ?
Personally, i think the first thought that comes to my mind must be: “No way. It’s got to be photoshopped. How dumb do you have to be?”
Honestly, you check out the picture is of Davis, who indeed tested positive numerous times for marijuana last year and was nike nfl jerseys suspended the final four games of his 2011 breakout season. Then you may be eager to ask him some necessary questions so that your doubts will disappear.
Perhaps, Fred Davis seems like a fork in the road.what do it mean?
Let me tell you. If he goes right, stays healthy and keeps his lungs clean, he continues on the path to becoming one of the NFL’s true playmakers at his position.
While if he goes the other way, either lose the love with Coach Mike Shanahan as a player or detonates his career with another drug events, then he will become the last symbol accepting class to flameout in Washington on the 2008 second-round , following Devin Thomas and Malcolm Kelly out the door.
As designated as the team’s franchise player in March, he signed a one-year deal paying him about $5.4 million with the league’s top five tight Cheap nfl jerseys ends. Yet “franchise player” is a bit of a misnomer. Even though he’s paid well, Davis is essentially playing for a long-term contract with the Redskins this season.
Being 26 years old, in the physical prime of his career and just begins taking the starting job for good from the recently released Chris Cooley, the most prolific pass-catching tight end in team history, Davis has nothing but opportunity for NFL job security in front of him. Hope he can cherish it really.
But just one slip and he knows: back to being the guy labeled as “Five Alarm Fred” for oversleeping the last day of his first training camp. Back to being “Deadhead Fred,” the guy who, along with offensive lineman Trent Williams, lost games, pay and respect because he couldn’t leave an illegal substance alone.
“I understand why people make a big deal of it,” Davis said. “They love the team and they don’t want to see the wrong guy in the program and I understand that. But the people that know me, that’s why I’ve been here for so long, Coach [Mike] Shanahan came in and knew that I work hard and play hard and have enough talent to be good in this league. So they gave me a chance.”
Really hope he can learn from last year's four game suspension.Actually it is a necessary and important chance to grab in order to make a difference, do you agree with me? Guys
сообщение 16.12.2012, 3:50
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сообщение 5.2.2013, 20:33
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сообщение 9.2.2013, 21:28
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сообщение 9.2.2013, 21:45
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сообщение 9.2.2013, 21:47
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сообщение 21.3.2013, 1:11
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